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Problem 2: Dangerous and Illegal Trucking of Cattle

The illegal overcrowding of trucks causes cattle to gore each other with their horns, trample one another and suffocate the fallen ones during journeys to the slaughterhouse.
Contrary to Indian law, which specifies the maximum number of cattle permitted per truck, based on the size of the truck and size of the cattle, every single truck we saw was illegally and grossly overloaded.

Overcrowding is particularly cruel when temperatures soar, leading to crippling exhaustion and suffocation. Often cattle are injured or blinded when they are gored by the horns of other animals or when they lose their footing and slip in the speeding trucks. Our team followed one truck in southern India that was going over 80 kph on bumpy, winding roads. The cattle in the truck continuously lost their footing and fell. Many were kept upright only by the ropes through their noses pulled taut over the truck's frame, keeping their heads up. The cattle also caught their long horns in the slats in the trucks, causing painful neck and disc injuries and also resulting in their horns' being twisted and broken off. The cattle were also denied food and water during their transport, contrary to Indian law.

The Solution:

  1. Indian law enforcement authorities must ensure that the number of cattle in each truck does not exceed the prescribed number. Care should be taken to ensure that all cattle have sufficient space to avoid injuring their horns and necks, goring their companions, and suffocating from heat and lack of air. Transporters found guilty of violations must face heavy fines and penalties.
  2. Slaughterhouses should refuse to pay for or accept downed animals and should refuse to contract with carriers that transport cattle illegally and inhumanely. This will provide an incentive for shippers to properly transport their cattle.
  3. Cattle must be provided with food and water at least every four hours.

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